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Who Is Amorphous Gray?

The Man Behind the Name

Amorphous Gray is an idealist who believes people were inherently good.  He comes from humble beginnings in the small Washington town of Yakima and earned an appointment to the US Military Academy (USMA) at West Point in 1967. He suffered a debilitating leg injury during a field training exercise at Lake Frederick, West Point. The injuries he sustained forced him to disenroll from the Academy before the start of academics of his Plebe year.  Although his tenure at the USMA was short-lived, he wholeheartedly embraced the ideals of Duty, Honor, Country, and the prestige associated with members of the Long Gray Line. 

After leaving the Academy, Amorphous returned to his native Washington and started a parts distribution company that built and sold material handling equipment to businesses in the local ship building industry. He was a primary supplier to Cascade General and earned a sizeable fortune in this trade as a minority-owned small business. His business success, coupled with a healthy inheritance, enabled him to retire comfortably and set his sights on giving back to society.

This unction to make positive inroads in the lives of people led him to establish the company which bears his name. He wanted to create a company where dispassionate analysis and critical thinking were the standards and not philosophical concepts. He wanted that company populated with humble individuals who consistently held themselves to high standards and who earnestly believed in the values and beliefs instilled by the traditions, customs and ideals of West Point.  He sought to establish a company where people were true to their word… would go the extra mile for their colleagues.., be selfless and proactive in helping others, and could be regarded as entirely dependable by peers. observers and colleagues.  His fatigue and intolerance for so-called influential people who operated more in prose than action prompted him to start Amorphous Gray in June 1990.

For close to 30 years, Mr. Gray was the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of a very small, hand-picked group of professionals who developed and enacted programs, activities and events that built capacity among disenfranchised populations. In 2019, he retired from active management of the corporation and provided his consent for the business to operate in a more overt and formal fashion. To preclude opportunities for individualism and lessen the chances of the organization being specifically tied to one individual, he created a management structure that disperses power and authority across a range of people.  

Based on his desires, the company is now established as a private business collectively managed by a small group of West Point graduates who subscribe to the ideals Amorphous Gray thought important.

As Chair-emeritus of the organization, Mr. Gray is a trusted and respected advisor to the leadership team. Since the corporation bears his name, and represents his legacy to the world, Mr. Gray is consulted on every major initiative, but he graciously cedes all management decisions to the company's leadership team.

As a lifelong introvert, Mr. Gray shuns the public spotlight and consistently deflects opportunities to market and/or represent the corporation to the able-bodied management team.

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