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Our Beliefs

At Amorphous Gray & Associates we concede that if we can’t be perfect, we’ll be the next best thing.  This objective is fueled by our adherence to the following principles:

Vision is Paramount. We subscribe to the biblical assertion “that where there is no vision, the people perish.” Everything that’s anything of value has always been preceded with a well-articulated vision.

Planning Enables.  We embrace the biblical concept of doing things decently and in order. The logical progression of things helps bring ideas and concepts into fruition and facilitates the efficient and effective use of resources.

Capacity is Essential. Without the ability to execute, planning and vision are rendered moot, so it is imperative that we obtain and sustain the means to do that which we seek out to do.


Assessments Enhance.  We are an action-oriented, learning organization. To this end, execution, without subsequent assessment, analysis and evaluation stymies our ability to learn, grow and improve as an organization.


Accountability is Non-negotiable. We seek out and accept responsibility, and willingly fill voids in the absence of forward-looking leadership.


The Root is the Key. We will produce solutions that definitively address root causes. We see little value in investing substantive resources in activities that primarily respond to an issue’s symptoms.

Word is Bond.  Whatever we articulate, we will do.  Neither pride, ego nor profit will preclude us from any commitment we undertake. 

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