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Amorphous Gray is led by an ensemble management team shaped by over thirty years of selfless service to each other and to the Nation.

Chauncy Nash.jpg

Chauncy Nash

Managing Partner

A versatile Operations Research Analyst with matchless experience in major US Army-wide simulation experimentation. Supremely adept at performing tasks such as planning, synchronizing and executing desired actions in order to achieve results that are representative to the suitability of a professional, high-performing organization. Skills also include interpreting administrative policies, developing and implementing organizational policies, defining administrative requirements, and/or providing candid, tactful advice to superiors on related issues while solving the problem at hand and developing others. Additionally, skilled in dealing with ambiguity, adapting to austere challenges while working with limited resources, dynamic environments and adept to formulating effective timely decisions after listening to different opinions and analyzing contradictory information.
Strengths include:
- Team Building - Planning and Operations
- Trainer / Teacher - Coaching & Mentoring
- Resource Management - Candid / Tactful
- Negotiating - Leading Teams
- Decisive / Prudent 

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