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Invictus 2020

Strategically Precise Voter Mobilization

Invictus was a calculated and discreet, candidate-agnostic stratagem crafted to neutralize the disenfranchising and marginalizing effects of the American electoral college system and protectionist gerrymandering.  It was a purposeful Voter Turnout effort designed to reach 70% Black voter participation levels during the 2020 General Election in select cities in: Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida (WOMPF). 

Amorphous Gray and Associates (AGAA) used the selfless energy of volunteers from across the country to conduct, iterative, logic-driven text messaging to get 577,000 Blacks across select cities in WOMPF who:

  • voted in 2008 and 2012, but did not vote in 2016 and

  • were registered to vote in 2016 & 2018 and did not vote,

     to cast a ballot in the November 2020 General Election (GE),

In the process, we also provided targeted WOMPF voters with relevant voting information to help them make a plan to vote in a safe and well-informed manner.  


Invictus existed to fill an instrumental void that was receiving scant attention and resources. The majority of political preparation activities (from both political parties) were not heeding past lessons learned and treated Black voters as if the GE was dependent on the popular vote, and subsequently saturated the environment with an over-emphasis on voter registration. In America, since victory in November hinges on outcomes and superior performance in the Electoral College. Invictus was an actionable plan of action that was a tactical endeavor to get the Black vote out in key Electoral College municipalities.  Black voters were destined to play a demonstrative and recognizable role that November and Invictus facilitated such an end state.


Invictus created a replicable model that can facilitate an ultimate change in behavior (by 2032) to achieve 70% Black voter participation rates in all elections at the local, state and federal levels. Achieving this goal sets the conditions for Black voters to maximize their inherent political power to produce a transformed American political system that is more attentive and responsive to American voters of color.

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